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The role is responsible for optimising resident health and well-being by assisting with activities of daily living.  The acts and procedures included in the scope of this position, as part of the nursing regimen, is executed under the direct or indirect supervision of a registered nurse. 

Ensuring resident health through following procedures and upkeeping professional standards.

Key Performance Areas

  • Takes an accurate patient history
  • Conducts a physical assessment on resident admission to care centre.
  • Conducts special observations (e.g. blood pressure, physical checks after a fall).
  • Assesses the acuity level of the patient
  • Records incidents thoroughly and accurately.
  • Monitors resident PI
  • Monitors resident glucose levels
  • Tests urine
  • Checks and records resident skin integrity daily.
  • Perform mouth and pressure care as necessary. 
  • Attend to resident catheter control
  • Perform resident eye care as needed
  • Changes wound dressings according to proper procedure
  • Demonstrate basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
  • Administers intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous medication
  • Administers medication (oral, inhalation, ear and eye)
  • Administers oxygen and nebulisations
  • Accurately prepares blister pack and other medication orders (for ordering via admin).
  • Checks and records accuracy of medication received against the prescriptions.
  • Monitors, records and replaces the medical stock of the emergency (day and night) cupboard.
  • Manages access to the drug cupboard.
  • Issues medication and records medication stock (analgesic and scheduled).
  • Charges procedures and stock accurately.
  • Checks and notes the oxygen cylinder levels.  Informs NSM if it is running low.

Staff Management

  • Ensure that proper back and pressure care is performed
  • Monitor completion of Bowel action report and fluid balance chart
  • Ensure resident is fed according to procedure and intake is documented.
  • Check and sign off half-hourly night duty round completed by caregiver.
  • Complete attendance register as shift starts and correlate with the duty roster.
  • Complete staff delegation allocation for following day and check staff complement.
  • Administer
  • Handover of Keys, Alarm Watch, emergency phone on shift change
  • Conducts in-service training for care staff
  • Resident Management and Care
  • Record and Monitor transfer and Discharge of Patient
  • Complete admission and discharge death register as movement happens
  • Check and Complete Residents valuables check form on shift handover
  • Complete referral form for hospital accurately and thoroughly
  • Check Denture and Hearing Aid list Daily
  • Complete Nursing Care Plan upon admission
  • Ensure Resident Information card is accurately and fully completed upon admission and that it is kept up to date
  • Complete and Maintain allergy form.
  • Be aware and communicate residents diet requirement and changes to relevant parties
  • Maintain List of resident Medical Aid Status and be aware of status
  • Ensure that Residents complete the outing book/list
  • Ensure that the residents’ families and visitors are orientated correctly
  • Ensure that the Doctors needs are met


  • Registration with SANC (South African Nursing Council) as an Enrolled Nurse or a Registered Nurse.
  • Experience:  Any long term care (i.e. geriatric care)
  • 16 shifts per month. Day shift and night shift.

    • Job type: Permanent
    • Location: Krugersdorp
    • Date posted:
    • Pay:£- £ per hour