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  • Manage a 24-hour production operation, 6 days a week.
  • Run a safe operation, adhering to regulatory safety and environmental laws and in-house systems and rules.
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained and in optimal running condition.
  • The process to ensure a quality product is comprehensive and technically complicated. It is your responsibility to ensure full compliance. Exceptional technical insight is a prerequisite to the ability of handling this technical complexity.
  • Quickly identify and address production issues, implementing solutions to minimize downtime and maintain quality standards.
  • As it is a labour-intensive process, it is imperative to ensure that every person does everything right according to our documentation. Any non-conformance can lead to late delivery, a defective product, or failure in the field. Training, development control, and discipline.
  • Productivity of labour and efficient use of resources are essential to service delivery and price competitiveness.
  • Run a process of continuous improvement.
  • Standards of service delivery are non-negotiable to ensure our customers get the service they require and are used to.
  • This is a results-driven production position. Your success is dependent on how you manage the situation. Meeting production parameters is imperative and will determine your input and hours of work.
  • This is a hardline production position, requiring an individual who has a passion for production, optimizing quality, efficiency and productivity.
  • Although there is a lean but effective personnel structure, the inputs, leadership, and control by the production manager on an ongoing basis are crucial to ensure the success of every batch and every product.


  • Be strong scientifically and mathematically.
  • Strong personality to set and maintain culture and standards in the plant.
  • Energetic to set the pace and lead from the front.
  • Must have the personality to have personal ownership of the operation, product quality and service, without looking at the clock.
  • Capable of handling multiple tasks and meeting tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

    • Job type: Permanent
    • Location: Boksburg
    • Date posted:
    • Pay:£- £ per hour