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The position requires two core skills within the electronic production area. Namely co-ordination/ project management of the production process for the manufacturing and assembly of the Crypto products, as well as being hands on assisting with mechanical and electrical assembly of products.

Key Performance Areas:

  • Schedule and Plan production runs for the current Crypto products.
  • Obtain quotes from Suppliers in order to prepare costing of the production run.
  • Determine quantities required after taking stock
  • Co-ordinate outsourcing of sub-assemblies from suppliers
  • Order and follow up on orders
  • Project manage the production process.
  • Ensure Quality controls are adhered to.
  • Assist Production Technicians with assembly.
  • Liaise with development engineers regarding improvement of processes and problem solving
  • Be able to coordinate all aspects of the production phase, from stock control, procurement, outsourcing, internal assembly and quality control to delivery.
  • The person must be able to work independently as well be part of a team working under pressure to meet schedules.

Summary of specialised Knowledge:

  • Project Management.
  • Production processes, mechanical and electrical assembly, quality control, environmental testing.
  • PC Competent, spreadsheets, documents for reporting, ACCPAC stock control
  • Knowledge of electronics, soldering, PCB testing, wiring an advantage.

 Qualification and Experience:

  • Matric plus diploma or certificate in project management.
  • Experience in a production environment performing similar duties to those described in the KPA

    • Job type: Permanent
    • Location: Durban
    • Date posted:
    • Pay:£- £ per hour